At the Terme di Chianciano, located in Chianciano Terme, in the age-old Acqua Santa spa park in piazza Martiri Perugini the Acqua Santa and Acqua Fucoli waters for treating the liver and the gastroenteric apparatus spring forth. Terme di Chianciano carries out hydropinic treatments with Acqua Santa, subsidised by the national health service. This therapy is enhanced by the baths and muds for the hepatic area at the Terme Sillene (Sillene Spa) where the baths and arthrorheumatic muds take place, and where, again subsidised by the national health service, you may take therapeutic baths for vascular pathologies. Terme Sillene also carries out inhalation treatments, these too subsidised by the health service.
The health care management of Terme di Chianciano is a comprehensive clinic with an analysis laboratory where MOC and the Sports' Medicine department is also found. At the health care management in viale Roma, there is a UPMC Italy medical centre for studying liver and heart diseases which is specialised in diabetology and boasts the most modern diagnostics and the most qualified specialists. The UPMC institute for health proposes screening programmes dedicated to preventive medicine in particular for hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.
Terme di Chianciano inside Sillene carries out also rehabilitation, subsidised by the national health service.Terme Sillene also has a department for inhalation with Acqua Santa and a gym which is performed in the water. The Terme Sillene are directly connected with the Piscine Termali Theia swimming pools, while the other spa, Terme sensoriali (sensory spa), is in the Acqua Santa park.



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